Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tornado in Kenilworth, Ontario, June 1st

The news is full of horrible deaths from tornados. There were 9 killed last Friday in Tornado Alley. Three were Canadian storm chasers. As a mother, I hope my kids never play with storms!
The radar is rather interesting, as the storms move north.

We have had 5 tornados in Canada in 2013On July 14, 2000 at approximately 7:00 PM, an F3 tornado tore through the Green Acres Campground at Pine Lake in central Alberta, killing 12 people and critically injuring more than 100 others. August 21, 2011 An F3 tornado hit Goderich, Ontario. One man was killed.

The death toll is up to 14 in Oklahoma. The storm chasers on Friday, we in one of those tank-like vehicles, and still they died.
These guys seemed a little light, in a car.
The tornado spout touches down around 5:30 in the video. Pretty scary stuff.

  1. Oklahoma tornado deaths include three veteran storm chasers
    June, 2013
    Three professional "storm chasers" were among the 13 people who died in the tornadoes that ripped through the Oklahoma City area Friday, ...


Christine said...

so scary to think about this.

Anonymous said...

We in Hawaii have not had a hurricane in a long time. Hope for eternally good weather for all.

Barrie said...

I don't understand storm chasers. I think I'm far too wimpy to be able to indulge in that behaviour.

Kay said...

These tornadoes are so very scary. I remember the tornado drills with our kids in Illinois. One time the window where I was sitting during a teachers' meeting just blew in as our table moved away. It was the most frightening thing to happen. I feel so awful for the people of Oklahoma right now... and Wow! Canada too!