Sunday, 9 June 2013

Take back the lake, the falls; NIMBYs abound

The Mississippi Riverwatchers
The Mississippi Riverwatchers
I've noticed a couple of proposed developments around here. The latest in my area, are those who
protest the Enerdu Power Plant at the Old Flour Mill Site in Almonte.
Many of these mills were built to harness power back in the early 1800s, when these towns were being built up. I won't say 'settled' as aboriginal communities used these rivers for transportation, using sustainable hunting and fishing strategies, long before we white folks were a gleam in our father's eyes!
Condos (left); Old Flour Mill (tall bldg. –right)
Condo owners play on the terrace!

Much water to harness
Founding of Almonte
Another colonialised town

Walleye Rehabilitation
One of the issues with dams, is protecting the fish who may use the rivers for spawning. We can do much to protect our critters

One day, we went the back way around Mississippi Lake. We'd never been there o this back road. 
There, intruding into Mississippi Lake, a proposed dock for the marina. Now, I understand that we need to replace energy sources. Many are upset with the rebuilding of hydro dams, but this is very sad.
One worry are the winds we get with storms. We saw what happened when Muskoka had its recent floods: docks failing, coming loose, and sailing over the dams. 

A developer wants to put a dock far out into the lake, with dockage 250' long. It is shameful Man's inhumanity towards Nature. Take back the lake looks to be a good cause. As big as a football field, protruding into the lake. Give me a quiet canoe any day. Too many fail to understand that our lakes are not open Nascar tracks. Cottagers, especially renters, disrespect the serene beauty of cottage country.

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