Sunday, 30 June 2013

Post #5a Chemainus Theatre's "Singin' in the Rain performance"

Nope. I am NOT biased. Despite the fact that both my eldest son, and his girlfriend, are in the show!
Chemainus Theatre
This is the poster in our hotel's lobby!
It is a great show, and a good one, which has withstood the test of time. The young people beside me, who seemed to know the major actors, were quite impressed. I don't think they had seen the movie?!

Who knew my son could tap dance?!
His big scene is Moses Supposes. He is the vocal coach, as well as playing other parts! You can find out more about Jesse Martyn, the actor, here!

The actors have put their heart and soul into it.
This show is one which provides historical significance.
It really demonstrates the shift the theatre world made from silent movies to talkies. It is done with humour, joy, and great fun. They pre-taped some film, as in the original movie, with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds, was meant to show the actors trying to gain a footing in this talkie world.

Katrina, Keegan,
my brother Robin, me.
My late grandmother (1883 - 1978) adapted to cars, television, and all sorts of technology. Her generation managed well.
My mother learned to use a computer at work when she was 55 in 1980. She retired at age 66.

My generation learned to use computers in the workplace, too. It's all a learning curve!

This couple turned up
in costume!
First, I took a photo of a couple who dressed up. He made me take their photo three times with his camera until he was happy with it!
Next, it was fun seeing my brother, and his family, at the intermission. I last saw Keegan when he was 12-years-old!

The theatre is beautiful.
On the one side is a beautiful statue and fountain.
On the other side, in Heritage Square, is another pond, with statues celebrating the story of the snipe catchers. One of the statues, I presume, was off for repairs.

The story is an amusing one, about young men led astray by locals, waiting in the dark for snipes to appear.

Chemainus sculptures are wonderful
While the murals are amazing, there are several sculptures about, as well.

Bubbling fountain outside our hotel.
Dedicated to the Chemainus Theatre,
which has helped turn the town around.
Spirit of the Earth

Designed and cast in 1986, by Glenn Spicer

The irony of it was:
we were standing waiting in the rain for the actors to emerge!
Afterwards, we went out to dinner. It was much fun!
Katrina took our photos. She made us laugh so hard!


Judy said...

Jenn, that garden is lovely!!! And your son is quite the catch, considering the tap dancing!!

Judy said...

Just noticed you precip totals - I think you had more than we did. I think we got about 130 mm, or something, unless I missed counting a couple of rainfalls. I haven't checked my toes lately - I do not want to see the webs growing...

Cloudia said...

Lovely outing. You look great!


DeniseinVA said...

How exciting! Must have been a thrill to see your son on stage. Your photos are lovely, very enjoyable, it was like we were joining in the fun.
An English Girl Rambles

Kay said...

Oh what fun!!! I can just imagine how proud you had to have been. What fun to see your son dancing on stage. Your photos are fabulous!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sounds as if you are having a wonderful, beautiful scenery, a great musical (with stars whom you know, wow)! Perfect.

Christine said...

you got me at the food photos!

Christine said...

seriously you must be so proud of your son!