Sunday 16 June 2013

Peacemaker – amazing tall ship

Peacemaker's home port is Brusnwick, Georgia. It is a Barquentine, 37.8 m (124') long. It's rig he
View from the ramp!
ight is 123 feet. We purchased a passport to visit the ships, with details on each ship's background. You can see photos of it in full mast on its webpage.

The peacemaker was built on a riverbank in southern Brazil by an Italian family of boat builders, using traditional methods and the finest tropical hardwoods. The ship was first launched in 1989 as the Avany, a name chosen by her designer and owner, Frank Walker, Brazilian industrialist.
Long line-ups to view her!
Teaching knots!


Christine said...

neat to have a look inside!

Lynn said...

Thanks for posting these pics. We were not able to attend on Saturday or Sunday so we couldn't board the ships. However I was there Friday for the Sail Past and blessing of the ships so I got to see them in full sail. I've posted a few of them on my blog. They were an amazing sight to see!