Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What a cold night!

My early bird of play with
Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent!
(Mother's Day gift to myself!)
The bird was made by Mr. January!
We visited him last at the 
After a massive frost warning in Southern Ontario, some are taking drastic measures. One orchard hired a helicopter to fly over and raise the temperature again. They did it in 2012 and it worked, raising the temperature from -2 C. to 3! It cost $1300/hour, but saved their spring crops. last year we had an early thaw and early spring, followed by a frost. I lost my precious rhododendron, and my rose bush buds.

Apple farmers fly chopper over orchard to fight frost

May 14 - 2013 Frost warning was in effect for much of eastern Ontario

2012: A helicopter saved the apple crop - Farmers Forum MOUNTAIN — For three nights, the two orchards hired a helicopter pilot from Montreal to...

My backyard thermometer reads 0 C. exactly!

I covered all of our plants. I planted some petunias in planters, after a mad fit of double-digit, summer-like temperatures. No worries. Also, basil and some tomatoes. What was I thinking?

I worry more about the trees in flower. We have a cherry tree, lilacs, and the horse chestnut.

May 14, 2012 – no sign yet this year!
I haven't wandered too far from the house, the cats were desperate to get out this morning at 5:30. They have winter coats!

When it warms up, I'll have to do a look about to see if I have damage.

The forest will be fine, as the ground is warm, and retains the heat of the days. The grass thrives, too! The goldfish seem a but chilly!

I changed the hummingbird feeder sap, still no sign of them, but I am ready!
Horse chestnut leaves
and bloom look droopy!

Sad, sad leaves!

The primrose looks tipsy

Peony droop somewhat, as well!


DeniseinVA said...

Great photos and I loved the colorful bird and your sea serpent. Interesting about the helicopter being used. Crazy weather!

Anonymous said...

I heard there was snow up your way... Poor flowers! Hope it warms up for you.

Anonymous said...

The weather outside of Hawaii has been crazy, especially up north. Good luck with your plants.

Red said...

Frost like this brings about an awful lot of tension. Usually stuff recovers.