Friday, 24 May 2013

Pouring rain, magnolia, lilacs droop; frost tonight?

Poor Mr. Phoebe happy with all the bugs!
 Yes. The forecast if for temperatures near freezing in the night. I could have covered my potted plants, but I was out volunteering this afternoon.

Then, I had a hair cut, and then we had a massive storm blow in. Grumpy cats!
Sopping wet blue jays!
Sopping wet in the rain!

I shall cross my fingers for the plants. I checked this morning. It's 5 C., and they have keeled over yet. It rained all night.
Perhaps, living in the middle of the wetland, we won't get too cold as water has temperature inertia.
There has to be SOME perk for living with all these bugs!
Maggie Magnolia bloomed today

Isn't she pretty?
The gate keeps the deer out!

We had 37mm of rain.

The lilacs weep and droop
Played around with black and white


W. Latane Barton said...

I love lilacs, Jennifer, and I wish I had some but I don't. those don't look too happy, do they, so wet with rain? But, they will perk up and be pretty again when the sun comes out.

Anonymous said...

Lovely captures! I especially like that photo of the wet bird. Cute!

eileeninmd said...

I love your magnolia and the lilacs. Cute shot of the hummer. We are having cooler and below normal temps. Great post and photos.

Red said...

Plus 5 is not a problem for your plants. There's lots of heat from the soil. We are getting a two day rain here. It was getting dry. When this clears out it could freeze.

Judy said...

Just be thankful the peonies aren't out to absorb all that water and drag their faces in the mud!!!