Saturday, 18 May 2013

Daisy and the dock spider

They are huge. I was reaching in to get some cracked corn for the bird feeder, and spotted this monster! It was the size of Daisy's ear!

I did NOT scream like a girl! (I did when I stepped on the snake last year - sheer surprise!)
However, I brought it onto the asphalt to take a photo, and Daisy decided to give me some help. It was headed into the garage.

Once it spotted Daisy, it began hopping to get away. This just encouraged her.

Suddenly, it hopped up on her and deliberately got up on her and behind her ear where she couldn't reach it. She looked around and around, mystified as to where it went. I giggled.

I know they bite, so I rescued her!

Truthfully, I presume it is a dock spider, as it is HUGE. We often saw them around the lake. Living in a wetland, as we do, there is lots of moisture for them.
I hope you like the photo sequence as Daisy loses sight of it!

CC # 267
  Further research, from a bug book, tells me it is a "six-spotted fishing spider" (Dolomedes triton).
The myth is that they eat fish.
The females get to be 15mm, males, 10mm long.
They eat water striders, and other water bugs, and hang around water.
The females often eat the males during courtship.
She carries her eggs in a silk bag in her jaws.


TexWisGirl said...

we get the big wolf spiders here - as big as the palm of your hand but harmless. :)

Anonymous said...

Spiders are fascinating, but I don't want one on me! Poor Daisy. Glad she wasn't bitten.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I guess those males need to treat their lady right!
Cute pics of Daisy though I'd be screaming like a girl if one of those spiders jumped onto Oliver's ear!!

Kay L. Davies said...

She carries her eggs in a silk bag in her jaws.
Wow, I know some poets who could take that line and run with it. I can't, at least not right now, but I'll send you an e-mail because I have a favor to ask.

Gunilla Bäck said...

Poor Daisy, although the shots are fun.

A Creative Harbor said...

Daisy steals the show ~ She is beautiful! ~ Great shots for CC ~ ^_^