Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Birding trip #2

Swamps and wetlands have many critters about.
Such an important part of an ecosystem.
We went for a drive, and I decided to see what I could photograph. Far across the open spot was a turkey vulture. Big beast.

turkey vulture
Low-flying beast

A lovely, long road
Constance Lake across the swampland

osprey nest - she peeks over it!

He wasn't peeking at all

A crow gives osprey a hard time!

busily catching bugs - Pine siskin?
There were a pair
Flowering dogwood, methinks

Grackles look so fierce!

1 comment:

Kay L. Davies said...

There were man-built osprey nests like that across the Thompson River from me at my last home in BC. I'd see the ospreys floating on the thermals above the river sometimes. Awesome sight.
I had fun with my My World shots this week. Yesterday was our anniversary, so we decided to go out. Took us four tries to find a restaurant open, so it was getting dark when we got home. I rushed outside with my camera, though, and got night shots of blossoms. Fun, and not same-old same-old.
Hugs to cats and granddaughters and some for yourownself.