Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A giant leap for for feline kind!

Big walk in the woods. Then we made it to the wetland. Buster made it. Daisy did not! She wasn't happy being left on the mossy log. She knew she couldn't make the giant leap, though.
I snapped the photo just as he took off.
He made it back to the mossy log.
I was wondering what he would do.
We'd been 'walking' for a half hour!

It's look so green in the bog!

Daisy checks out a hole!
Off we went to the island.
I was standing on the bridge.

Daisy found herself a mound of earth
on the island. Likely where an old stump had rotted.
All three wanted to sit on her soft spot.
 We made it back to the house.
A sparrow, you might imagine we don't find many birds on our travels!
fern is greening up

robins are ahoppin'

Then, an afternoon moving the bird bath. Next, digging up and bringing up some rocks from the gully for my new bird and her worm!
They sit on a shallow bit of soil.
In summer it is usually moss or lichen.
Buster inspected it for me!


Phil said...

Hi Jennifer and thanks for visiting my blog during my absence in Menorca. I didn’t have full computer access on holiday so wasn’t able to visit Blogger pals at the time but I’m now in the process of catching up with everyone. Looks like Spring has arrived in your neck of the wood too. I'm so pleased for both of us.

Kay L. Davies said...

Hi Jenn
Love the photos of the cats exploring, even though it makes me miss my cat Hermie who went on dog-walks with me.
I'm too sore and weak to go walking with Dick and Lindy. Must make an appointment to see the doctor, find out what's the matter here.