Saturday 6 April 2013

River, Otter and Canada Geese photos

I posted my video of the otters sliding along the ice, playing, harassing the Canada Geese! I took 178 photos on our drive yesterday. It was a wonderful trip, getting out and about. A dark day, the photos are not as bright as they could be, but the antics of the otters were priceless.

I stopped the car, spotting the geese on the open water on Skootamata. In the background, I noticed the otters have a grand play. There were three. Two of them went into the water and were swimming about, almost nipping at the heels of the geese. Joyful spring fever!
Here are the photos...


Kay L. Davies said...

Absolutely wonderful, Jenn. I am completely thrilled by the photos of the otters with the geese — on the ice, and swimming with them, too. I'm sure the otters are amusing themselves this way.
Thanks for posting these photos. I love them.

Powell River Books said...

The geese probably wouldn't agree, but I think otters are such fun creatures to watch. - Margy

Barrie said...