Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pond Studies 201 on Earth Day

Daisy showing off climbing a tree.
Buster was surveying his pond.
I think it fitting to examine the water on Earth Day!

Yes, Pond Study '201', because I studied the pond last year. I was given a macro lens from the best husband ever, last year. I managed to capture water beetles, water striders, up close. Right now tree frogs and wood frogs are singing (wood frogs in the water and tree frogs up high, and pretty shy right now), and I've photographed all the typical creatures one expects in a pond. This year I found more little creatures to photograph.

And I improved my technique.
I scooped critters into a goldfish bowl.
Daisy thought it a drinking bowl.
Anyone can photograph an elephant, but these little suckers are tricky!

The other issue, I had 'helpers' who wanted to drink the water from my goldfish bowl where I placed my critters. Daisy, little twerper!

My frog pond- newly melted
There are water beetles, water striders, many spiders, and tree frogs and wood frogs, so far.
 It teems with life, our ponds.
 I am privileged to be living in Ontario.
weird little egg sacs, tree frog eggs!

everything is brown

spider in the pond

Daisy couldn't figure out why
I was out in the pond!
I was wearing boots.

My precious frog pond
The logs, where I sit and contemplate life!
Buster in the shade of the tree.
Daisy at the base of the tree.

tree frog eggs

I scooped some water and leaves into a goldfish bowl

fairy shrimp
Bad news: mosquito larvae!
They glue them to flora

tree frog eggs

cyclops, subclass copepoda
cyclops, copepoda

I scooped them into a tablespoon!

I love these little creatures: amphipod,
AKA: freshwater fairy shrimp.

water slaters or water-lice

water slaters or water-lice


Red said...

Hey, you not only got excellent photos but knew what they were. For me, kids had to collect pond water and then made slides to see what was in the water.

Rusty said...

The mystery 'bug' is a cyclops, subclass copepodia.