Friday, 12 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Day #12 with photos

In this, NaPoWriMo month 2013, the weather, it is poetic. Our spring storm is awful, as they warned us.

Phoebe complains in my window

frozen rain falls
cacophonous clacking punctuates the air
birds flutter about seeking sustenance
nuthatch on frozen feeder bleeding with ice
wild turkey scratches in the hail
nestmaking continues as it must
forward one step at a time

promises of spring
as the universe unfolds as it should

orange-red rhubarb seeks the sun
bravely facing cold spring air
as I must face the future
with dignity
snow falls and blankets their fragile faces
phoebe peers in the window
questioning me
what's up with this?

Daisy & I went for a forest walk.
We know that April storms are often the norm. It's been interesting to watch, photograph and document spring's arrival.

turkey scratches
A few steps forward, a few steps back. There is little greenery, other than the majestic pines and thirsty cedar, but this will make us appreciate the colours of spring.

I have been suffering with arthritis in my hands. It began in my baby fingers. I would get irritable and wouldn't know why. This is true for many of my hospice clients. They refuse pain meds, and get agitated and grumpy. We know that exercise is important for this disease and I should bash away on the piano but haven't had the heart to do so yet. I continue to tap on my computer doing some research.

frozen feeder, happy nuthatch
frozen rain falls in the background

 Facebook friends have experience with this disease and have recommended some over-the-counter relief. I saw the doctor a year ago, but they aren't trained in helping with this stage of the disease. He was no help at all.
I cannot complain, as I have many friends and clients with far more advance arthritis.
I see what the future holds and must enjoy my mobility now, today. Carpe Diem.
a night of freezing rain, followed by snow
Hubby has been a brick, fetching MSM. I am happy to hunker down on this miserable day and enjoy my blog buddies and my critters.
Oprah was in Ottawa the other day. I love her notion of the gratitude journal.

I am grateful for nature, critters, lunches out, hubby, Facebook friends, and Advil!
rhubarb pokes up its head

Goldfish pond has melted, ice on the leaves!
Froggie is cold but does the job.
There is ice dripping below!


Judy said...

I can hear the ice pellets on the windows...

Herotomost said...

That time of year can be a bit frustrating for those that are ready for spring to be sprung for sure. But the painting you gave us lends a better perspective and the prompt to enjoy the moment whatever it is. Great write. Sorry to hear you are under the weather with the arthritis. Thanks for posting.

Red said...

I like your description of spring coming.
You seem to be very active in many ways so your arthritis may bother you but you should fight off the stiffness.

Jinksy said...

The ice 'fringe' round your bird table makes it look like a posh lampshade! LOL