Thursday 4 April 2013

More spring fun: snow tires, tulips, crocus, resting kitties

The snow has nearly disappeared. The sun is so warm on this side of the house.
The goldfish pond is beginning to melt nearest the house.

I've put out a wee pump to circulate the water a bit. Last night it was -10 C. (14 F.) and some of it froze over again. The leaves have been blowing everywhere in the massive winds the Arctic sent us.

The tulips and crocus have reared their little heads.
I am confident enough in spring that we have taken the snow tires off of the car and put the snowblower into the back shed! Buster was my big helper. (I hope I don't jinx it!) The rest of us are getting some exercise whilst watching curling on TV!
Buster on the move in the wetland
Well, not these two, Dorah and Daisy. They are resting, although Dorah is keeping a look out for birds. Buster is usually out in the sun checking for his mice friends.

Hubby and I are armchair curlers, although we don't spend all day there. We've been watching the men's world championship, cheering Canada on.
Hurry, hurry hard!


Olga said...

Looks like spring is coming to the north country. Enjoy.

Dana said...

Oh, it's so nice to see that green! We have a little of it here in our yard, but not nearly enough yet. I guess I'm just impatient!

Happy Thursday. ☺

Red said...

It looks like you have a pretty good handle on spring! The new shoots are always a welcome sight. We have "bare spots" which means that the snow has disappeared in a few places so the the ground is exposed.
I still have winter tires on but only because I haven't gotten around to taking them off.

Carver said...

It's always great seeing new life emerge.

Kay L. Davies said...

We had some snow last night, but it is gone now (nearly noon). The temperature was 21 or 22 a couple of days ago, but back down to +5 yesterday and today. Very confusing for Lindy, who is, of course, shedding.
Love your photos of green things sprouting. Sigh.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Spring! Hooray Hooray! I love the little crocuses budding...