Monday, 22 April 2013

Missa Gaia in Perth - a huge success

Coincidentally, Charlie, the organist
is my aunt's church organist!
Here it is Earth Day. I nod in Mother Nature's direction. She is brave, what with the things humanity has thrown at her.

There were many Earth Day celebrations in the communities around us. Perth rang with the soulful sounds of music last night. Missa Gaia, Earth Mass. Earth Mass An amazing piece. Here is the backstory.

Normally, when singing in a concert, as a chorister, you see many faces.
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Singing in my first community choir in 1971 (Mozart Requiem at the U. of Toronto's Convocation Hall), I make a point of looking at the people's faces and making eye contact. You can watch an audience if you face isn't glued into your music! You are so happy to have someone for whom one can sing. Without an audience it isn't much fun. With a requiem there isn't too much smiling! Last night there was. I've sung far too many sombre pieces, classical
Many volunteers are required,
not just to perform!
music has a range.
This is the choristers viewpoint!

Fun t-shirts!
There are a few people who may nod off in every concert, but last night every face was beaming. Some were closing their eyes in bliss, as we married our voices to the wolf, whale and bird songs played from the CD. The Paul Winter Consort, and the musicians who created this piece, were fabulous folks.

In rehearsal
It was wonderful having my husband and daughter in the audience. Also, hubby's cousin picked up my late mother's two dear friends from Kingston. I've known these lovely ladies all of my life, from when I was adopted in 1956. They are the last people who can tell me the stories of my family. It was an emotional time for all of us.

Norma, Donna, myself, 2009
I first sang with my parents in North York Chorus, in Toronto. I was in high school and I learned much about singing. Donna used to sing with my late mother in the Muskoka-based Elderberries choir!

Donna and Norma used to live in Bracebridge, in the region of Muskoka. Our friends in Muskoka, specifically Haliburton and Bracebridge, are facing a big mess. We know what a wet basement means in terms of clean up work. There are many who are full-time residents living in low-lying areas.

Donna and Norma now live in Kingston, although they did have a summer home on Wolfe Island.

Donna has published several books, the latest is a song book from Sir John A. Macdonald's era: The Sir John A. Macdonald Music Book: “We’ll Hand Down His Name in History and Song.”

The Sir John A. Macdonald Music Book:
“We’ll Hand Down His Name in History and Song.”
Donna collects
Sir John A. Macdonald memorabilia
and she is an historian.
Donna also published a book about Rene Caisse, the formulator of Essiac. Clinic of Hope: The story of Rene M. Caisse and Essiac.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am so sorry to read (below) about the terrible flooding. I am glad you are OK and the concert sounds amazing. Obviously everyone needed some joy in their lives right then.

How lovely to have your life-long friends in the audience; it is so precious to have people like that in your life. my aunt, the last person who could share stories from my parents' generation, passed away last summer at 105. I wish I had recorded her stories.

eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a lovely time at the concert.I am happy it was a success. Happy Earth Day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely day!

I love it when different generations get together.

Lovable Derek said...

The concert sounds wonderful, especially as it involved so many people you know. I love to sing too, although I doubt that my audience share my enthusiasm. It's so liberating though, don't you think.

Christine said...

sorry to hear about the flooding, I remember it was drought last summer. Happy Earth Day, sounds like you had fun!