Thursday, 18 April 2013

Drawing #4 - first crocus of the season

Yesterday, while giving respite, my client went for a nap. She took some Ativan and rested from her migraine. There are many drugs contraindicated for seniors. I'm not sure the GPs read this. 

'110 drugs to avoid in the elderly' - do the doctors read this?

Her dear husband was off having treatments at the hospital. I was happy to sit and keep her safe. I told her I was there for her husband's peace of mind.

What is tragic, is that he is having a course of 6 treatments. When he was about to leave for the first, she had an attack. He called an ambulance and sent her to hospital.
There at the hospital, the doctor told her that she 'had to stop going to the hospital ER so often'.
He said he was going to discharge her.
Hubby was undergoing a 3-hour treatment in another town.
She didn't have apartment keys or a means to get home. She was wearing her pajamas.
The nurse wrapped her in a blanket, they called a taxi, called the superintendent to let her into her apartment. I am shocked with the way people, especially seniors, are treated by some physicians.
I am there for the remaining of the weekly treatments, to help her. It is complicated when both husband and wife have health issues.

My client was worried that I might get bored, and I explained that I always take something to do! I've had two books sent to me for review, on on the Haitian Earthquake. You need to take breaks when reading these heavy topics.

I opened up my iPhoto album and decided to try for another drawing.

I know I need a background, my how-to-paint-wildflowers book is pretty clear. I'm just taking small steps at a time!

My laundry, meanwhile,
-growing well in the April Showers!


Kay L. Davies said...

Glad your laundry is "growing well", Jenn. LOL
So sad when two old people are both unwell at the same time, I know. Mom and Dad were, and they hid it from us for much too long.
I have finally given up the guilt I felt when I was unable to help them despite going out to the coast and staying with them. My brothers, who did much for them, aren't given to carrying guilt around, and my sister, who saw them most often, is more given to blaming us.
A sad situation for your client and her husband. How good of you to be there for them.
Luv, K

Latane Barton said...

Your drawings are really nice, so refreshing from all the 'heavy' photos ones sees from time to time on blogs. I am glad you are drawing.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are doing such good work with your clients. Your crocuses are beautiful....I don't see those kind of Spring flowers any more, so I love sharing other people's early spring.

Christine said...

Jenn you are an angel giving of your time like that! I am so moved. This is truly purpose in one's life.

And your art is beautiful, you should join more of the challenges. Creative Tuesdays has a 'striped' theme this coming Tuesday. I've seen people paint their backgrounds first before doing the main theme if that works for you. It doesn't seem to for me, I don't have the patience. I've also got away with just using coloured cardstock!

Carver said...

Beautiful shots and I like your drawing too. That is hard when both spouses have major health issues.

Kay said...

I did always look forward to that first crocus of spring. Sigh. My daughter tells me they are flooding out in Illinois.

Judy said...

Beautiful sketches!!! I wish I could draw...
I know what you mean about heavy books - I just finished one about the Armenian genocide of 1915, and that one was heavy!! I needed something fluffy for after!!!

Karen said...

Sweet photo Jen. Spring is such a wonderful time of year for inspiration!
Our family has had personal experience with these heavy handed hospital people. When my sibling told the hospital they were too sick and burnt out to take my father home, the CCAC staff person phoned the FAMILY DOCTORS office and told the NP that they were going to have the police take Dad to the mens homeless shelter. If they had called one of us and made that statement, no one would have believed us. I'm glad it is on record.