Friday, 5 April 2013

Beaver, videocam, and water levels

Did you know? There is a videocam in Gatineau, Quebec. You have to watch the ubiquitous CBC ad first. It's beyond me why they can make money off of someone else's live videocam... but that is just me!

The beaver habitat is located in Eco-Odyssée -- 200 hectacres of land that comprises a 30 hectacre marsh, agricultural fields and rolling mountains accentuated by mixed forest just outside the town of Wakefield, Québec.

From the Nature of Things: Watch the Beavers

It looks like a great private park. I have long-watched beavers in Ontario. This one (above) I spotted in Lanark County.

Here is a beaver pond I canoed on:

Canoodling on a beaver dam pond - under blue skies!!


Beavers, a beaver dam, lodge, and damned beavers

Link to Monthly BulletinPublished by the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Central and Arctic Region, this bulletin contains graphs, tables, and other information regarding recent water levels on the Great Lakes and Montréal Harbour plus the water levels forecast for the next six months. A newsletter, LEVELnews, published by Environment Canada, is included with the bulletin.

MEDS also distribute a weekly water level bulletin for the Great Lakes.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I'm so jealous, Jenn. I've only seen beavers from a distance. I'd love to see them up close. Beavers and otters, too, come to think of it.

Powell River Books said...

It's hard to believe, but beaver have moved into the small stream behind my mom's condo right here in the middle of the city of Bellingham. They have built at least one dam (probably more) and now we have a string of ponds were a small stream of murky runoff water used to languish. They have chopped down most of the willows and some of the larger trees. I'm not sure how long they can stay with a diminishing food source, but the environment has already changed. Now ducks swim on the ponds and we have the most beautiful Skunk Cabbage blooming on the shores. - Margy