Monday, 25 March 2013

Here, little mousie!

Daisy, come help!
Daisy is having a pee!
Mousie, come on out and play!
There are several exposed mouse holes in the garden. With the melt, they are quite easy to see.

Dorah was quite eager to find her mice friend.

Licking off the dirt!
Wise words for Dorah. Don't dig in a hole with wet paws!

She spent some time chewing off the dirt, as she'd been playing in the snow previously.
She's up to her shoulder!
Come on, mice friend, I won't hurt you!


Judy said...

Cute series of photos!! I bet they do not remember the world before snow...

Cloudia said...

Oh this sweet post made me smile :-)


Kay L. Davies said...

The girls are so cute, Jenn. I keep looking at the photos to see how you tell them apart. I have the beginning of a theory...the grey streaks on their head are subtly different?

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

You're right, Kay! Daisy has a black fascinator, Dorah's is gray. And Daisy has a black spot on her right nostril!

Kay said...

I'm glad you've got Dorah on duty there so you're not over run by mice. How wonderful to know spring is around the corner.