Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snowshoe, walkies, deer

What a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

Under the trees, the twin motherless yearlings came out for a bite.

They are watching for Buster,
who likes to herd them.

Back deck is done, too. A couple of hours of fun in the sun and good exercise.
AFter I shoveled, I went for a walk.
I love my snowshoes. It sure makes walking on the wetland a joy.

This is our 'island' in the wetland. A bit of outcrop, rising up in the midst of the marshy watery bog, it is shelter for one and all. Last winter I found a deer carcass, where the wolf had dragged its kill.
Bambi was taking it easy in our backyard!
 This time, I found where Bambi had rested for the night!

You can see the indentations where two deer had spent the night.
I love spotting the 'nests'! They paw out a patch, and nestle in. Their body heat melts the snow underneath them.

Nearly home, I spotted a pileated woodpecker, but didn't have the zoom lens.
doves nestle down on the feeder,
chickadees (right) grab a bite
Unfortunately, there were many incidents, including a 16-year-old who was struck by a hit-and-run truck, while crossing the road on his snowmobile.

They are everywhere.
Snowmobiles, and cars with no room to park on the streets!

Arriving home, the cats and kittens weren't too thrilled with the weather. Buster chases Sady, Sady howls. The kittens watch in awe.


Red said...

A good snow fall creates all kinds of fine opportunities. You get to go out in clean snow and take some awesome photos. You tell a great story of what goes on in the woods.

Jesh St Germain said...

Oh you were capturing the deer from so close! Thanks for visiting the Mysteries blog (I'm writing from my weekly blog Artistique)
because I have a question to ask.

How do you make a direct link in a comment?? Thanks for writing me or emailing (
Thanks so much!

Christine said...

Wonderful photos, beautiful winter!

Kay said...

Even with their winter coats, it amazes me how animals can stand the bitter cold. Those are truly beautiful photos of the deer.