Friday, 8 February 2013

Public discusses hopes, concerns for Algonquin land deal

Sometimes it is embarrassing, admitting the Randy Hillier is our Member of Provincial Parliament. To his credit, he held a meeting to discuss the ramifications of the current Algonquin Land Claims. To his discredit, he open by saying he'll call the First Nations 'Indians.'

While Hillier expressed what the meeting was not about, he admitted difficulty in deciding how to address the First Nations community. "I will use the word Indians, out of respect for Indians, because they deserve respect," said Hillier. "I don't know the proper name for them." 
Totally disingenuous. If a sitting MPP doesn't know what to call First Nations, he is stupid. And we know that ignorance is not knowing. Stupidity is the active pursuit of ignorance.

Since Lanark County is the Back Off Government capital of Canada, I believe he was trying to put himself on the side of those landowners and hunters who have hunted, clear cut and polluted lands in this region for nearly 200 years (1816) and continue to want to do so at the peril of flora and fauna.

Very few brave folks spoke out about the land claims. I thought of attending, but figured Hillier would be speaking to his friends, the extremist hunters and landowners.

"People's lands were taken," said Elizabeth Snyder. "For nearly 300 years, that has not been addressed. That's a long time to be on other people's land, rent free." 
Snyder also expressed her view that the Algonquin's demands were reasonable. 
"We have gotten off quite lightly," Snyder said. "They could have asked for more. We are trying to right a wrong. This is a good step." 

Lanark County
Back Off Government capital
"We cannot undo history," said Hillier in reply. "What we have done in the past has not worked," he added, referring particularly to collective land ownership to be found on reservations, for example. 

Truthfully, we haven't done anything except avoid settling the issue and costing taxpayers and First Nations much in the way of lawyer's fees. Hillier, who attempted to avoid paying property taxes while earning an MPPs salary of over $100,000 per year.

Most at the meeting, so Desmond Devoy implied, are more concerned about their land rights. It is high time that we settle this terrible issue and right the wrongs perpetrated on a people that took care of us in the early days when Whites invaded a difficult land. My grandmother told stories of Native Peoples who helped her family in the early days of settlement here.

Shame, Randy Hillier.
NEWS items:

Posted Feb 7, 2013 By Desmond Devoy
EMC News - Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington MPP Randy Hillier hosted an information session on the Algonquin land claim agreement in principle at the Royal Canadian Legion hall on Tuesday, Jan. 29, and he was quick to state what the evening was not about. 
"It's not about Idle No More. It's not about Attawapiskat. It's not about Caledonia. It's not about the millions spent on the Indian Act," said Hillier. › Home › Land Claims

Anyone with legal interests who may be affected by this claim’s proposed land selections is being notified and offered an opportunity to meet with representatives of Ontario. Maps are in PDF.

Sept., 2011
Public court documents reveal the CRA has gone to the extraordinary step of placing two separate liens totally $14,880 on the property Hillier owns with his wife.$3,900+fo...
1 day ago – EMC News - EMC News - Two Smiths Falls men have been convicted of multiple hunting offences and fined a total of $3,900.

Nicholas James William Kelford pleaded guilty to six charges, including illegally hunting ducks, Canada geese and white-tailed deer during the closed season, illegally transporting and possessing white-tailed deer, allowing hunted game to become unsuitable for human consumption, abandoning hunted game, and hunting beaver without a licence. Kelford was fined $2,900 and is banned from hunting for two years.

William Jared Witham pleaded guilty to hunting white-tailed deer during the closed season and to illegally transporting white-tailed deer. Witham was fined $1,000 and is banned from hunting for one year.


    cheryl said...

    You are dead on about Hillier Jenn! He makes our area appear to be such redneck and I don't like using that word but is there no class, no respect with that man? I shudder when it's noted he represents us.

    Red said...

    Many of our politicians seem to have become first class jerks.