Monday 18 February 2013

Nine lives, indeed...

Dorah likes curling
Daisy demonstrates the technique
What a pair they are. Both have used up several feline lives.
Here is an example each...

1. Dorah was playing on the chair the other day, I was in the kitchen beside the dining room. I could see her.
Here is a photo I snapped of Daisy, playing on the same type of chair.

I looked over at Dorah, who had her head in between the rungs, and was sliding down, with a paw stuck in under her jaw. She couldn't breathe. I had to pull her up and get her unhooked.

2. Today, Daisy was trying to get some toy out from under the stove, when her left claw got stuck in the sliding mechanism for the bottom oven drawer. I couldn't pull the drawer out, she was stuck up to her armpit. I couldn't move her paw back to unhook the claw, since she was at the end of her arm.

Playing in snow
She was growling at me, when I tried to unhook her! Meowing sadly, "Help me, Mommy!"
I lifted up the stove with a wooden stick. But she couldn't unhook her claw. I then lifted up the stove, hoping she could slid under and unhook, but she didn't get the concept of relaxing her claw. Then the stove began to fall out of my hands. She disappeared under the stove and suddenly ran out. What a relief.
Many hugs all around.
Hanging around


eileeninmd said...

Your kitties sound like so much fun. They are cuties too!

Christine said...

My sister has a cat and I am amazed at how intelligent she is!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your cats are okay. Love these delightful shots of them!

And thanks for hosting Our World.

Karen said...

Daisy and Dora, so sweet!

Shey said...

These are awesome photos. Esp love the "hanging out" capture. Thanks for hosting. If you need help with it like guest hosting Im available. :)