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Update 3: Haliburton Wolf and Wild Life Reserve Wolves

#3 Final update from the centre: there is no sign of the released wolves. Staff worked hard, made mistakes, but learned a lot about trying to recapture these poor animals. They were rescued and some idiot released them, two were killed.

#2 Another update: Granite crossed the rainbow bridge last night. She did not survive her surgery, and staff and friends mourn her passing. Staff believe that the murder of Granite is a separate incident from the vandalism incident that had people destroy their fencing enclosure. Originally, they thought that Haida, the alpha male, was mortally shot and murdered, once the four wolves escaped. This may not be the case, since his pup has the same coat.
More information is available on their website, but the photos of her wounds are not for the squeamish:
The two outside wolves are still hanging around close to the outside of the Wolf Centre, communicating with their fellow pack members inside by mournful howls in the early mornings. We are leaving food out, which entices them to hang around. 

#1 Update: As previously reported, the wolves escaped on New Year's Eve, when the centre was open to visitors. Vandals, or stupid animal rights activists, or hunters looking for wolf pelts, opened the fencing.
Wounded wolf:
visit their Facebook page

They now report that Granite, the alpha female, was shot twice and fought hard for her life, despite massive loss of blood. She dragged her bleeding body to the side of the road. The two bullets went through her leg. She has been recaptured and after hours of surgery, show signs of responsiveness.

These are wild pack animals, unable to be released in the wild, ignorant of hunting techniques, performing an important educational role in this world. They are well cared for, and live in a large setting.

Haliburton: moose and wolf country
I oppose zoos. I think, what with the
wonderful videography and photography opportunities on the Internet, it might well be time to get rid of the old style zoos. These rescue shelters are another story. I watch my rescued ditch-dwelling goldfish in my fish tank, brought indoors in winter to a 60 gallon aquarium, who spend three seasons in a 500 gallon outdoor pond.

Peter writes:
Wolves, we kill them and stuff them
Two hours of cleaning wounds, stitching, injecting …and things looked up for Granite. Her heart beat strengthened and her breathing steadied. She received 2 litres of subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, trace elements, pain-killers and all the attention that could be afforded her. We waited another hour when her reflexes reappeared, indicating that the tranquiliser was slowly wearing off. The muzzle was removed and a bed of wood shavings prepared in a sheltered corner of the enclosure, where she was bedded in a blanket.

I don't often feature other people's videos. This one is amazing. It is a tribute to the wolves and the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve. Haida (1:30' in) and both Haida and Granite (at 3:52' in), have had a terrible time. For updates, visit their Facebook page.

Wolves from Ben Lean on Vimeo.
Shot February, 2012. Locations include Haliburton and the Kawarthas, Ontario.
Journey through the wilderness of Halibuton Highlands and the Kawarthas, territory of the wolf.

View from the Dorset lookout: Fall, 2012
Beautiful wilderness country in central Ontario
Music by Andrew Scott Foust-"A Whisper In The Echo"
Licensed through the Vimeo Music Store

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Red said...

We've just caught our natural resources Dept, poisoning wolves and coyotes right beside a preserved natural area. What idiots! The area is a community pasture and some livestock was taken this summer.