Sunday, 6 January 2013

National Hockey League lockouts

I was secretly relieved when the NHL locked out the players. I know many enjoy it. But I am not one of them. Stephen Lewis says 'It's always easier being a critic, and to denounce.' Yet, I've seen more harm done in schools in the name of team spirit than anything else. A I wrote previously, Let's go back to a time when pick-up, shinny rinks made the sport affordable and fun. This is what Hockey Day is all about!

I do not like hockey. I don't watch hockey, except in the case of an Olympic game, which holds to a higher standard than the NHL. I loathe the Enforcers. The Summer 2011 deaths of enforcers, from head trauma, has led to journalists like Roy MacGregor to write of them. His summary of the latest game was telling. Unacceptable.

I loathe the Canadian juniors who played in the way of the NHL, with more penalties than goals.
"Canada's junior hockey team has to avoid penalty box: Coach"
Some blamed anything but too many penalties and fighting, with our player suspended for 4 games:
Canada's travel to the tournament was the most arduous since Moscow hosted the event in 2001. Hockey Canada had a comprehensive plan to deal with jet lag and travel fatigue.

We live in a country where diet, nutrition, high level training, and a high standard of living ensures that our athletes are well-taken care of. In fact, some report sitting in a waiting room for an MRI booked months ago, only to see someone like an NHL player waltz past them.
Having lived in Muskoka, we heard many tales of out of control NHL cottage owners, in their $2 - 3 million summer homes. What a world where the Ontario government attacks its teachers, yet hockey players, who flip a puck into a net, are worshipped and followed.
Russia, however, is improving in their treatment of its citizens. Their players, who live and play in North America, are learning how to play. But they lower themselves to the lowest common denominator, rather than a good, clean game.

Yes, I was secretly glad they were locked out. I had hoped that we would hear, see, read, news reports of other sports. Sports so little covered in Canada, with amateur women who continue to play their favourite games while holding down full-time jobs. No more than small headlines as women continue to race to fantastic positions on podiums.

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport ...

On yard duty!
the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport is in business to encourage girls and women to get out of the bleachers, off the sidelines

Some things have changed. While teaching, my girls began to be much more active. It was a gradual change over 25 years teaching gym and doing yard duty.
We are finding Canadian women sports heroes:

  • Soccer's Christine Sinclair named CP female athlete of the year
Little about Christine Sinclair's brilliant performance at the London Olympics came as a surprise to her teammates. - December 28, 2012 ....More


Red said...

I share your opinion on hockey. In hockey it seems to be that breaking rules is promoted. I always had hockey team members in my middle school classes and although they were nice kids , they thought they could break the rules and they hung together. Some have since talked to me and admitted they were problems. They also apologize.
I would much rather see effort put into amateur sports.

Cloudia said...

good on you!

from Honolulu,
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Kay said...

I guess hockey is extremely popular in Canada. I don't think it has quite the popularity as football and baseball in the U.S. I keep seeing photos of hockey injuries like missing teeth and it makes me wince to think of kids doing that sport. On the other hand football and baseball has equal problems. I remember my son getting hit by a ball when he was a pitcher. It was one of the most terrifying moments in his childhood for me. Then again he gave me many many terrifying moments. I was so glad he took swimming up in high school. He didn't drown, thank goodness!

Powell River Books said...

Wayne and I go to quite a few women's sports events in the States. We like the excellent athletes, but also the audiences are much better. Everyone seems more interested in enjoying themselves rather than the manic response at men's events. - Margy