Thursday, 10 January 2013

Missa Gaia in Perth, ON, on April 21st, 2013!

It is with great excitement that we announce a new performance of Missa Gaia in Perth, Ontario.

Living Music
If you have never heard it, you must listen. It's on YouTube!  Interspersed with wolf howls, whale songs, it is evidence of an amazing collaboration and creativity. For those who enjoy nature and respect the environment, this performance will be the true anthem that comes from Mother Earth and speaks to our souls.

I first performed this in 1985, whilst pregnant with my third child. I was a member of the Ottawa Choral Society, with Brian Law as its conductor at the time. It was an exultant moment. At the end of the performance, all of the lights were turned off in the National Arts Centre, and we all howled like wolves. It was spectacular. As with many professional choirs, and the arts these days, the OCS supplements its donations and grants, and offers choirs-for-hire. I was part of this group, as well as its Chamber Choir, too. Those were the good old days!

Paul Halley
Paul Winter
Paul Halley an Ottawa choir boy, now a prolific artist in his own right, was one of those who were involved in the creation of this master work, as a member of the Paul Winter Consort.

Rising from the days of respect for the environment, when we didn't realize what we did to planet earth, Paul, and the Paul Winter surely did. I have played this album many times with my students when we studied environmental issues.

These days, I crank up the stereo, and play it at great volume doing housework or gardening! It is inspiring, and seeps into your soul.

Missa Gaia/Earth Mass is an album released by Paul Winter in 1982 for Living Music. The title stems from two languages, latin and greek.

We announce intense rehearsals for Missa Gaia, every Tuesday night. St. James Anglican and St. Paul's church choirs, as well as other choir friends, will be presenting this piece, as well as two others, on Sunday, April 21st, 7:30.

Missa Gaia (Earth Mass); Kyrie - YouTube

Feb 17, 2009 - Uploaded by RoellRecordingStudio
The Alaskan tundra wolf whose voice this Kyrie was based on, sings the same four-note howl seven times



Olga said...

Wow! That was outstanding! THank-you so much for sharing this music.

Red said...

This is a great way to enjoy singing at a high level and to publicize info about our earth.