Saturday 26 January 2013


I am justified, but first, a word from our sponsor!

Do you remember this commercial?
Palmolive, 'You're soaking in it!'
I loved this commercial. The woman who plays Madge, the beautician, is still acting. She was one of the 'bad guys' in one of the shows we watch, Justified.

It's a pretty tough show, based as it is in the coal-mining towns of Harlan, Kentucky. Tough folks, where drugs, weed, and guns are rampant. There is a lot of shooting, and rotation of actors, since they don't hesitate to knock the bad guys off. I rather like that! It *is* justified!

This actor, Margo Martindale (read a longer interview here), created one of the best characters, Mags, who grows pot, and doesn't hesitate to knock off a few folks while taking care of her Bennet clan in a dog-eat-dog world. She is the epitomization of the strong working mother, the mother bear, protecting her flock! Mind you, she'd eat her young if they stepped out of line...

We believe in supporting the shows we like, and purchased the syndicated show, the third season.

Timothy Olyphant, a stud muffin and straight shooter and actor in his 40s, is not only the star, but also a producer. In real life, he is a parent of three 20-something women. According to an interview, he's often confusing the public, who think perhaps he is robbing the cradle! He was a young father, and is in a marriage to Alexis Knief, his College sweetheart.

A good guy with the morals of his sheriff's badge, using his negotiation skills with the perps.
The other supporting actors are fabulous, too. The dude who play Boyd Crowder (Character),  is excellent, too. Walton Goggins stars in the pivotal role of "Boyd Crowder", long-time friend, yet ultimate nemesis of "U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens", played by Timothy Olyphant. Jeremy Egner of The New York Times writes, "Olyphant may embody the steely-eyed, white-hatted hero on "Justified" (2010), but Walton Goggins supplies the show's tortured soul". Elmore Leonard, executive producer and writer of the short story, "Fire in the Hole", on which the show is based, says of "Boyd", "There has never been a more poetic bad guy on television in the way that he sees the world".

They don't use the big name folks, since many are typecast, and would be unbelievable, hubby thinks. I think he is right!

There is a Canadian connection, as well. Graham Yost is the creator and executive producer of the series. Born in Etobicoke, he is the son of Canadian television personality Elwy Yost, the longtime host of the public broadcaster TVOntario's Saturday Night at the Movies. He lives in California with his family.

The show is based on a series of books by Elmore Leonard.

Well you may wonder why I celebrate such a show. Truthfully, we don't seem to be the target audience for many shows. In the ratings-driven big bucks world of prime time TV, despite being in those swollen ranks of baby boomers, people with money to spend, and time to watch TV; they seem to target the youngsters who like the titillation of scantily clad actors, and the blood and gore, without the strength of a good plot, characterization, costuming and dialogue.
As if an officer of the law could show up wearing sleeveless t-shirts, and no bra. Just sayin'!

This is why I like to support the shows we do like. Ratings trumps good writing every time and we must fight that in this world of Cheap-Mart, poor writing, and cheap thrills.

I would recommend renting the first season, as there is much character development, and it helps to know the backstory.

"Justified"  Mags Bennet
    - Bloody Harlan (2011) TV episode, Played by Margo Martindale
    - Reckoning (2011) TV episode, Played by Margo Martindale
    - Full Commitment (2011) TV episode, Played by Margo Martindale.


Olga said...

Hmm, I never even heard of this show. I am forever behind when it comes to TV land.

Jenn Jilks said...

Hubby does his research to find shows we like!

Kay said...

Yes! Yes! I remember that Palmolive commercial. Wow! That's a long while ago.

We're still watching Hawaii 5-0, but it does make us shake our heads sometimes. People must think the island is teeming with slinky woman and constant crime. Sheesh! My brother works for the police department and he just laughs.