Tuesday, 22 January 2013

History of Nepean, Ottawa

Just for fun, I created this from some research I did whilst teaching Social Studies to student teachers at uOttawa. Nepean was a community west of Ottawa, since amalgamated with greater Ottawa, much to the chagrin of all of us.

Nepean housed those who worked on the canal – after we white folks moved on into the area.
The city of Nepean had no debt, and an amazing range of rural and urban settlers.

It was an wonderful region, with several native tribes inhabiting the lands. First Nations have been left out of our history books, which is wrong.
Now Ottawa includes Nepean, as well as the surrounding Carleton region. Here is the PPT converted to a .mov file.

I first began working on it while trying to teach my grade 6 students the differences in hunting and gathering societies, then agricultural societies, and on into the newest eras.
I originally uploaded my PPT to Slideshare, but the photos do not appear. Shame.

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Christine said...

I can tell you were an excellent teacher, wonderful presentation!