Saturday 26 January 2013

Curtain Climbers on the move

Yes, they look adorable, but they climb like little monkeys!
Dorah is the worst. Whilst brushing my teeth, she climbs onto my bathroom counter, sneaks up behind me and launches herself onto my shoulders.

My youngest son brought them some cat treats for Christmas. Pure, dehydrated chicken. The kittens and Buster love them. Sady, not so much. I like having treats, in order to have them come when they are called. It's good training.

Apparently, the twins wrestled these treats down from the pet shelf in the pantry, after smashing a food dish.

You know that big crash, kittens scatter. Who me? Wasn't me!

The solution?
Most people keep onions and potatoes in the pantry. I've put the treats in there. Mind you, one of them wil figure out the latch!


eileeninmd said...

Cute! I love the first shot of your kitty. Have a happy weekend!

Kay said...

I saw a comic strip recently about curtains for people with cats. It had already ripped shreds in it. :-)