Sunday, 23 December 2012

What a storm we've had!

Oh, Canada!
A wonderful dump of snow. We were prepared for it. No worries. I dug us out. A bit windy, but I just bundled up.

The cats aren't happy at all.
Normally, when I do yard work they play happily outdoors and have fun.

Gone! Rescued from the ditch.
With the storm, I've had to use the snowblower, not just the shovel, and hustled them indoors. The snow is 28cm (11") and they were a bit shocked.

We lost our mailbox. Somebody going too fast in the dark! I spent an hour reattaching it. Thankfully the post still stood.

Heavily-laden, but beautiful!
The trees look amazing.

The poor wee oak tree (below) was bent over, heavily laden with ice rain. Once it turned to snow, the snow stuck to the leaves.
To misquote an old poem....
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Once I shook it, the ice fell off and it stood up.
Shades of Ice Storm '98!
Down came the snow
And up it stood!

Back inside for a hot bath. The snowblower is heavy and I used muscles that preferred not to be used!

 I had helpers. Dorah wanted to figure out what the bubbles were. She first saw a bath when we babysat the granddaughters last weekend. She was intrigued, but there was too much action for her to explore it in detail.

Dorah in front, Daisy a little behind.
She took a step, and then another... and fell in!
She was shocked and scared.
I wrapped her in a towel.

Next, big wash ups from Buster and Daisy.
All was well.
She loves her sister!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

We have a cat who is not very agile who has to check things out when somebody takes a bath. 22 pounds of mad weight cat is hard to handle sometimes.

We had an ice storm a few years ago and our young trees bent over. My neighbors laughed at me when I beat the trees with a broomstick periodically during the storm. Our trees popped right back up and are still with us. Can't say the same about the neighbors' trees.

Kay said...

It all looks so beautiful and magical. Glad you got some nice exercise too.

Red said...

Yes , beautiful snow. Snow comes intermittently and so the special muscles used for snow shoveling take a beating. We've had a bout 15 cm of dry now but no wind.
Now get out the cross country skis . I was out this afternoon.

Judy said...

I love that kitten in your new header!!! So cute!!
I used to have a cat who sat on the edge of the tub, and dangled her tail in the water. She didn't mind it getting a bit wet...