Monday, 10 December 2012

The Giving Clown - with joy and laughter

I have joined a church choir again, an affable group at St. Paul's United Church, in a very old building (Church history - 1854). My parents sang in the choir from well before my time, both as teenagers until their late 70s. Twice a week, Thursday rehearsals and Sunday morning services. Faithfully.

When I was adopted, in 1956, my parent's LPCC church, in Toronto, suddenly created a nursery for me. The church was young and new. Mom sang alto; Dad sang tenor. My late aunt began the choir. She was a pianist until arthritis precluded this endeavour.

I joined the junior choir at church, then took vocal music at high school, Jarvis Collegiate. By grade 11 I was in both the junior and senior chamber choirs at school, as well as the senior choir at church. Then, I joined the North York Chorus, a professional chamber choir with the infamous Albert Greer.

St. Paul's Church - Perth, Ontario
I have had a hiatus for a number of years, as we have resettled ourselves. I moved to Nepean in 1998, another move in 2003, then a move to Muskoka in 2006. Finally, in 2010, with three new sets of shingles under our belts, or over our heads, we have settled in here. The church I now attend is an old one. St. Paul's has an active congregation and good choir. While church life has not peaked my interest in the past 10 years, I have settled in singing either soprano or alto, depending on the needs of the Sunday.

Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
The church family did a delightful clown play today. I am told it was written at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church. This is a big church in Toronto, with an active on and off-line ministry and a church choir school. My family friend, Dr. Jean Hunnisett, with whom I sang at LPCC choir in the 70s, was a teaching nurse, then earned her degrees in order to become a minister. She is an excellent candidate for a pastoral care ministry. A caring woman, who performed my late mother's funeral, she guided me as I was choosing my university program in 1975.
Suddenly, bubbles fell from above!

Our newly invested minister, Camille

Giving Clown we need your Spirit,
We've forgotten how to live.
Giving Clown we need your joy,
Teach us how to give.
How do you take your choir director seriously,
looking like this?!

Boyd got into the spirit of things!
He and hubby deliver Meals on Wheels!
Can't take myself seriously, either!


Red said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun at your church. Hey, I didn't know you could sing. singing brings a person a lot of satisfaction.

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a fun group of people to sing with, congrats!

Cloudia said...

that's great Jenn

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