Friday, 14 December 2012

Look who brought his brother to visit!

What a delightful surprise yesterday morning!
Tigger brought his twin brother to visit. You may well ask how I know.

Firstly, the antler left on Tigger is the same one as in last year's photos. We watched him grow.

 And he had a twin brother.
Tigger 4/4/11

Tigger would bounce up to us as we filled the deer feeder. His brother and mother would hold back.

We have another mother with twins, and I suspect it is his mother. They are all hanging out together, and it is rutting season. This isn't normal!

It has been delightful watching Tigger from his first season, 2010, watching him in the video in February 2011, and this, his second winter. He's a fine buck.

I did a walkabout search on the deer trails but couldn't find his one antler. Maybe his brother will leave me one! The coyotes chew them up.
     Here, the two girls hang back. And below, the newest twins are in front of momma. They are getting big, born in May or so.
Mama and her current twins


Olga said...

What a treat to see. We used to watch deer in the fields behind our place--until off-leash dog walkers and mountain bikers started using them as access to the woods behind. I would much rather still be watching the deer and other wild critters.

Red said...

Pretty neat that you can identify individual deer. Not only coyotes chew the antlers. Mice get some of the antlers too!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I enjoyed this post so much today, Jenn. Thanks!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh how fun! So neat they're keeping in touch with each other ;>) Thanks for sharing the reunion