Thursday, 1 November 2012

Our new kittens, Dorah & Daisy

They are ambivalent about beer,
but love Angry Birds!
Many have asked for an update, here is my original post. Pet lovers love to look a kittens, methinks!

I am happy to report that both are doing very well. Eating like miniature ponies!

We think they are about two months old, but they don't know. Found with their mother, the Vet took them in.

They spend the night in a medium-sized dog cage, with dry food and water, no litter. They've been doing well with that.

The reason for this is two-fold:
Daisy with the black fascinator!
1) They forget to look for a litter box when they are happily cruising the house looking for trouble.
2) They anger their big brother (20 mos. old) and big sister (age 7yrs.)!

Buster is afraid of being surprised, he watches them like a bird at the feeder looks for him. Sadie is pretty hostile, growling if they come near. She is the Queen.

Everyone knows where they sleep, each in a different room. This prevents issues!

I let them out in the morning, pop them in the litter box as a wee reminder, feed them some wet food and we're good to go. Buster usually goes out for a run, as does Sadie, then they all settle in for the day. They play hard and crash wherever they land!

They look all cutsie, but you can see how much fun Dorah finds Buster's tail.

He wags and twitches his strong tail, and she finds it most exciting. He was perched on the stool, and Dorah was about to pounce, taking a giant leap for feline kind.
teeny pink paw pads
She likes to help choose TV Programs


Judy said...

They are adorable things!! You will have lots to capture over the winter!!!

Karen said...

Loving your kitten posts. I have an 8 week old kitten that we rescued from certain death in an about to be mowed field of hay. Her eyes were barely open. We have a 16 year old female who doesn't like baby at all. The younger female will flick her tail for awhile then tries to get to higher ground and eventually to the basement. Little Kitty has taken over the dogs nice poofy bed. Kitten Love will bring a MAN to his knees!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful photos, Jenn. I love the lean-back-and-snore picture. Kittens will sleep in any position, especially if they are being held.
Butch rearranging your decorations is cute, too, but can't compete with cats and kittens.

Marie said...

They are just TOO cute! I know they are a delight to have.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

They really are too cute -- you have a lively household there!