Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hydro Dams in Ontario

Many ask me the state of the Bala Hydro Dam project. Foolish people still swim there.


Some in Bala are fighting it bitterly. It has been discouraging people from buying property in this economically weak town.

Bala Falls dam was a working dam in the past.

Swift River tries to build plant
BALA - Swift River continues to work toward a hydroelectric plant despite public objections and roadblocks at every step.

The signage is somewhat worrisome, not unlike the "Back Off Government" signs of Lanark County.

There are many such projects in the province.

Almonte has a lovely spot, with a working dam. Progress in these times of tar sands and pipelines.


Red said...

I hope that technological advances are made particularly in solar energy so that some projects that cause a mess will be cancelled.

Jenn Jilks said...

I look at this and see our cities, the mess that coal has made, and think that this is a viable alternative.

Joe Todd said...

Neat photos. As far as tar sands XL pipeline etc. all about $$$ and greed I'm afraid