Wednesday 21 November 2012

Dyslexia, Documentia, Domains: Spark

Interesting CBC Spark show #194: Dyslexia, Documentia, Domains, would follow up the Greg Lee interview on AI and Sports Commentators with a piece on Crap Detectors!

AI Sports Commentators

This guy created a computer program to help broadcasters fill time during a game. It will dig up obscure facts from games. Statistics and details the the journalists did not know or have forgotten.

Hubby, who loves sports, often turns off the TSN TV volume as the Talking Heads are filling time with crap. I'm not saying it's inaccurate crap, but it is crap. It really doesn't matter that a team was four runs down in 1893. They'll have on sports legends who fill air time with their famous moment, 15 minute of fame. We aren't young people. I'm not sure that the younger generation of sports fans want to hear about this either! Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words and the game carries itself. Not only that, but they will miss a key play while waxing eloquently about historical facts.

The next piece was Documentia. I've seen this at every assembly in schools.


Documentia is that burning desire to record everything you experience. Now, I am an avid photographer, but I have not documented every school performance by my kids, nor the first time they walked or talked.
When teaching, parents would fill the assembly hoping to capture the moment in time of their child on stage. Truthfully, while getting up, moving in front of other parents, guests, grandparents, they totally miss the emotion of the moment while capturing it for all eternity.

We had a big event one year at Manordale. We did Space Contact and we had kids asking questions of the astronauts in space. Mme Chretien was there. The media was there, big time. They set up their cameras directly in front of the students, blocking our views of the big screen and all of the artwork students had created.

Net Smart - Crap Detection

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Red said...

True on both these little rants. I don't watch sports period and only have peasant TV.
Just like you I think many parents trying to get photos spoil it for other parents who just want to watch and as you say " savor the moment."