Saturday, 17 November 2012

Collisions with animals winter 2012/13

Slow down, people.
This week a 68-year-old man died when his car rolled - after hitting a 1000 lb. moose. Animals are on the move.

We have two deer carcasses in nearby ditches. There have been many reports of deer collisions, as they are more common here in southern Ontario.

In rutting season, deer are frequently crossing the highways. Moose, in south eastern Ontario are infrequent, but they are out and about. If you have ever driven through Algonquin Park, you'll know that they step over guard rails, and pretty much ignore traffic.
We drove through Algonquin Park early one morning, on our way to greet our newest granddaughter in May, 2010. Moose were out and about. They are massive, impressive gentle creatures.

Slow down and...
  • Be vigilant
  • Scan the ditches
  • High beams help, use them, but lower them when another car approaches
  • Know that one deer is usually followed by another
  • Be aware that dawn and dusk critters are on the move
  • Be aware of oncoming traffic and driving conditions
  • Avoid swerving, you may drive into another car
  • Understand that you won't win in a collision with a deer, moose or bear:
This is a guest post, by a Muskoka resident:
dead deer in the ditch
We were at the hospital for 8 hours. She had no broken bones, did not need any stitches but we helped the nurse remove between 50-75 pieces of chard glass from her face. Her eye glasses most likely saved her eyes. Unfortunately she did get jolted hard enough to prompt a whiplash and suspicion of a mild concussion. She is back to work part time but has many Doctors appointments to deal with all her aches, pains and headaches.

1. Driver killed in collision with moose on Hwy. 417 in east end Ottawa Citizen: Collisions with moose aren't common in Eastern Ontario because there isn't a huge moose population in the region.

The car's passenger, an Egyptian university student, survived:
Moose crash survivor believes 'someone is watching over me'
Ottawa Citizen
Despite the severity of the collision, Hazzi came out of it with few injuries — a large gash on his head, a few scratches on his hands and a “huge pain” in his shoulders. “I believe someone is watching over me,” he said. Moose and deer are both in rutting season.

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