Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It's pumpkin time!

Frosty's new outfit!
I made a template from newspaper,
cut out 7 sections , sewed them and
added a piece of green and piece of
the same material as apron ties.
Of course, I had to dress Frosty Snowman for Hallowe'en.

It's only taken me 6 retirement years to embrace Hallowe'en again. It's a fun theme for kids at school. Yes, some religions do not do this theme, and kids were given other activities. Fear is something kids must learn to manage, though, and we had great fun doing group chants, poetry, and word games. (How many words can you name with BOO in them? Can
Pumpkins in the field in 2010.
With our drought of 2012 - they are scarce.
you list more than ten things that are white?)

Aside from the ubiquitous vomiting pumpkins, there are many other designs. I did a quick image search before I started. I was leaning towards painting my pumpkins. It keeps its integrity, you spray on some shellac, and then I can harvest the seeds later. I sketched something on a piece of paper and outside I went. I have been putting an oath out there, to all my painting and truly artistic blog friends, that I was going to learn to paint.

So far, not so much. I am easing closer. I painted two pumpkins!

Fun to paint!
As with all entrepreneurs, you can get your e-Guide to Easy Pumpkin Painting, with instructions, patterns and photos!  Only a $24.77 download! Other places have charity auctions and sell off the painted pumpkins! They
Of course, simple is best!
even paint large, round hay bales and sell these off.
 Pumpkin time!        
I bought a skeleton
-always wanted one!

You can visit haunted barns, many growers do it up for Hallowe'en, with night haunts and walks through spooky places like Saunder's Farm. It employs students, I suppose!


Marie said...

Wonderful Halloween decorations! I have always loved Halloween, but don't care for the evil aspects that arise. Still, it's fun for kids to dress-up and fun to decorate in fall themes and have harmless fun. Love that field of pumpkins! Sorry the drought has kept them more scarce this year. I have one pumpkin in my yard that is pretty big and turning orange.

Kay said...

My children and students always loved Halloween.
That is such a huge pumpkin field. What fun!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Nice Fall pictures. I read recently how Halloween is now more of an adult Holiday (for parties and decorations etc) than it is for kids.

Linda said...

We are looking for the pumpkin patch to take the youngest grandchild to this year...he had a ball last year picking out his pumpkins...I like the idea of painting them, and Frosty does look very festive in his new garb!

Red said...

You are really in the spirit Of Halloween. Religion? Halloween's origin is from religion.


I'm known as [in our family anyway] the Queen of 'Ween, so naturally I love everything you've shared in your most recent posts.

I had a heckuva time getting your blog to even become visible, then I realized the link you left me in my comments the other day had a quote mark behind the url dot .ca, after problemo.