Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Another deer update!

This isn't for the faint of heart.
I told the story about the carcass we found beyond out mailbox. Not knowing what to do, I buried it beneath some dirt. I knew it wouldn't do much, but with Hurricane Sandy arriving, there wasn't much time.   
Yes, covered it with dirt, and hoped for the best.
Yes, totally inadequate. Hoping for a solution later as the MNR doesn't haul them away.
I went to fetch the newspaper on Wednesday morning and no carcass. It had been hauled away back into the sumac bushes. You can see the drag marks.
It wasn't a small one. I was amazed.
All that remains of the remains are a few tufts of fur, only one small piece with hide attached.
Then I found a few bones, then a leg, including the hooves.   
More searching, and I found scat, with a ton of fur in it.
Not only that but some nice big tracks about 4" wide. And I was worried about the vultures going to it and having to see the body every day!

Deer collisions S.E. Ontario: Mississippi Mills on the increase

Our faithful OPP patrol the roads, but they cannot prevent stupidity.

While I have expressed concerns about reckless speeding, illegal and unsafe passing, and people following closely enough to examine the contents of my trunk, another factor, deer collisions, continues to be on the increase in some places.

Habitat loss, hunting season, rutting season, all cause them to be on the move. 


Red said...

So let me guess. Coyotes disposed of the carcass. Here it only takes one night and all that's left is what you found.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's something big, would the coyotes drag it at the same time, in the same direction?
Anyway, all gone and no mess to speak of!

eileeninmd said...

I see the vultures on deer carcasses around here all the time. But, they could not drag one away. Could it be a wolf or coyote?