Saturday 22 September 2012

Rainfall update for September

Here is another update. Check out the orange/yellow bands of heavy rain. Where was this in August?! Looks like Lake Effect precipitation, winds picking up moisture from Lake Ontario.

Sept. 4 -      22mm
Sept. 7 -        5mm
Sept. 8 -      33.5 a.m.,
                 53mm p.m.
Sept. 13 -     19mm
Sept. 18 -    32mm
Sept. 21/22 - 29mm

What a change in the weather:
193.5 mm so far this month!

We had a total rainfall for August of 1.7 mm.
I guess I ought not be afraid of using well water to wash windows. Sigh. Another chore to be done!
I'm keeping occupied, housebound with bronchitis,
recording rainfall data! (It keeps me off the street!)


Kay L. Davies said...

Sorry you're having bad bronchs, Jenn. I'm in a hotel room in Far Northern Alberta with a bad cold. Eyes and nose runny, head can't think, you know the drill.
I'll hope you're better quickly if you'll do the same for me.
Luv, K

Christine said...

We have been having a lot of rain lately haven't we?

Christine said...

Jenn I will make a point to look for your book in Chapters, you should put the info higher up on your other blog!

Red said...

Kind of disheartening when you needed the rain in summer and didn't get it and now when it's too late it doesn't quit raining.

EG CameraGirl said...

At least the rain will soak into the soil now so that our tree roots will be watered well during winter...I hope.