Thursday, 6 September 2012

Is it a bird, or a plane?

We took a bit of a drive through cottage country. An amazingly busy weekend. What were we thinking? Planes, birds...lots of swamp. This was before our big rainfall yesterday, Tuesday. We had 22mm, which is much more than the 17mm for all of last month, August.
An airplane, blasting around the lakes in circles
Not sure what this thing is,
don't want to go up in it, though!
Kingfisher took off as a car roared down the road behind me

Beautiful green heron

You can't see me here, woman.

warbler, vireo?


Linda said...

Another person who has seen a green heron! I am SO jealous! I wouldn't want to fly in that little plane thing either! Scary!

Judy said...

Good thing you reminded me to go look at my rain gauge - we had half an inch. I don't know what the official reading was.
I like the tiger moth in your sidebar!! Really looks like stained glass!!

Powell River Books said...

We were one of the puddle jumpers out there in the sky yesterday and today. We loaded our plane with camping gear and went out to one of the San Juan Islands to camp last night before the weather got too cold. Then we headed off to another airport for a fly-in breakfast before heading home. We just don't get out often enough these days with my schedule with Mom. But quick trips are just the thing, at least as long as the weather holds. - Margy