Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Westport's community banners are designed by the kiddies!

We took a drive to Westport, Ontario. To our delight, we discovered that they have had artists and children design 100 banners. These are 'drive-by shootings', since I still have tendonitis, but they give you a sense of this great idea. 

Village of WestportWestport in Bloom

Westport in Bloom was formed as an offshoot of the Westport Centennial Committee’s plans to celebrate the Village’s centennial in 2004. Its original purpose was to organize Westport’s participation in Ontario’s Communities in Bloom competition. Following the Centennial celebrations, it became a committee of the Council of Westport, and changed the focus of its efforts from competition to beautification of the village.

I like this idea. There is much competition for money, for awards, yet the volunteers that slog every day, cannot all be recognized. Some communities are busy running food banks, rather than decorating river banks.

Imagine how the kiddies feel! And their parents! What fun.
I hope you enjoy this set of banners. I thought it grand!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, the banners look wonderful, fresh and original, it's amazing inspiration :)

Red said...

Well, I did enjoy the banners. there should be more projects like this to brighten things up.

Linda said...

What a wonderful idea! It would give the kids so much to be proud of, and encourage their interest and ownership in their community!