Friday, 24 August 2012

Sir John went to Prince Edward County

We took Sir John along on our 10th Wedding Anniversary trip to Picton. Never having been to Prince Edward County, despite having lived my first 25 years in Toronto, we went upon recommendation of another Jennifer Anne! Prince Edward County, Ontario
Prince Edward County is a single-tier municipality and a census division of the Canadian province of Ontario. Wikipedia 

Prince Edward County Trip
What I noticed most is the battle between those who want wind energy and those who don't.
Wonderful wines and restaurants


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The wind turbines are a real controversy in the Country. We were down at Prince Edward Point, vicinity of where they might be, and the signs are everywhere. Now there is a law suit, one group suing another. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Picton and surrounding area. We spend lots of time all around the County as there are so many wonderful sights to see. Thank goodness we are just a few minutes drive away.

Linda said...

How nice of you to take Sir John along! I am sure he enjoyed the look marvelous! Hope you had a great trip!

Red said...

My son spent a summer in Kingston and he came back and raved about it so I'm sure you toured a beautiful area.

Kay said...

We're having the same problem on Lanai about the windmills.