Monday, 20 August 2012

Margaret Neil at the Perth Garlic Festival

It's chic to reek!
The Perth Garlic Festival is a riot! Everything garlicky, and yummy, with delicious sights and sounds. What more could you want from a festival? The t-shirts read, "It's Chic to Reek!"

Local growers, people who live, eat, breathe garlic. Marvellous people. You have to shop carefully. Might not want to buy food from someone who hasn't shaved. Just sayin'!

We met Margaret Neil. A woman who developed recipes based on celiac issues. She has some wonderful products, which I know we will enjoy. It is my daughter's birthday coming up, and we bought her some for fun! What do you buy the woman who has everything?! Fruit mixed with chocolate! Yum.

Margaret has credentials, Food Supervision Diploma from Kemptville. Owning her organic farm. Her products are amazing.

Now, Muffin Muncher came along for the ride. He had a grand time, but rather than muffins, I bought Curry in a Hurry, and Sex in a Jar ! (Better than sex!)

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Red said...

There's always a first...garlic festival! An interesting idea to build a festival around.