Monday, 27 August 2012

Kingston Pilgrimage

Hubby's trip down memory lane. He wanted to honour the memory of his room mate from the early 1970s at Queen's University. Rather than celebrating the day of death, he chose to revisit the place where they enjoyed life.
There was a certain energy on campus, as the Dons were there, we met one. He was amazed that the rooms had not changed, although some of the furniture had!
There were a few kids getting ready for living away from home. Parents unpacking trailers with them!

Kingston July 7, 2012
Kingston Trip Aug. 22, 2011


Linda said...

Nice that he celebrated the life, not the death!

Red said...

Oh I remember hauling a kid or two to University with all their junk. I know they enjoyed there time as I enjoyed my time at university.