Thursday, 16 August 2012

Defending our home

It is fun getting back with old friends. I don't have too many, from Toronto friends went far and wide.

Hubby grew up in Chesterville. I have posted a guest post of his, on life on a farm - sans hydro and running water.

His father's family was from near-by Crysler, Ontario. Since his father died when he was but a baby, there was little contact with his paternal extended relations.

Hubby grew up in a farming community. He and his mother moed in with his maternal grandparents.
It was an intriguing family, since three brothers married three sisters, and the family farms were truly family!

We heard a childhood friend of Joe Brian's on the radio being interviewed about his new book, Defending Our Home: Loyalist Families of Dundas County and the Battle of Crysler's Farm.
These men grew up in Chesterville, and attended Dundas high school. Ron was the first Head Boy, once he graduated, Joe Brian earned the right to be a head boy, too.

Ron Doering, infamous mover and shaker in Ottawa, has created an historical fiction about the Battle of Crysler's Farm. It is part of the War of 1812, and helped determine whether we were Americans or Canadians. I love historical fiction, and look forward to reading the book. A well-published lawyer, Brian was good friends with younger brother, Jake. The men came to visit us and trade books.

Some of Brian's friends have contacted through our video of the Great Chesterville Bank Robbery video. This video has had 1194 hits, to date!

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Linda said...

I imagine you will really enjoy that book since you have such intimate knowledge of the area!