Thursday, 16 August 2012

My baby turned 33 this day

My baby turned 33 this day
I remember her being three
Not a kid who needed help,
"Do it myself" said she

I've enjoyed her change from daughter to mother
For now not a kid – but a friend
From a shy little girl to a respected woman
For her this poem is penned

The more she grows, the prouder I am
As I embrace this legacy
A more beautiful person I've never known
Reflected in her love and family
Caitlin reads to Josephine, Isabelle does stuff!

Gramma & Caitlin play piano

Serena Moffat, Caitlin, Adil
I did Home Day Care for a time!
We played music!
We played a lot.
This is shaving foam on a rainy day!
and Grampa
With Gramma
"Do it myself!"
Watching the trees in fall
I cried when I left her at her bungalow in university!
Playing her flute, while her gramma
conducts the choir in church
Have you seen my husband?
Joseph production at high school

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Red said...

What a wonderful kid to have! Well written tribute to your daughter. It's sometimes really hard to let go when you're not ready.
Now if you really want to feel bad my youngest child is 40. It only seems like a minute ago that we received the little package.