Saturday, 4 August 2012

Back off government, but send money!

Ontario Farm
With the drought in Ontario, farmers are lining up for handouts from governments. Isn't it ironic?
Especially in south eastern Ontario, the Back Off Government capital of Ontario!
Local MPP, Randy Hillier, is even more shameful, earning a salary off of government dollars, having done illegal protests, illegal deer hunts, leading blockades, dumping hay bales in front of provincial offices.
Back when he was the president of the Ontario Landowners, it was a time when they didn't want to comply with government regulation of land rights, including the environmental laws designed to protect species.

Drought or not, it's dry, hot and bad for crops: climatologist
 CTV British Columbia News -3 days ago
 Small U.S. farmers struggle to stay afloat as drought kills vegetables ;it's caused Ontario to seek financial help from the federal government. ... The province also asked Agriculture and Agri Food Canada to help assess...

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)

McGuinty Government Calls on Federal Government to Increase Support. Ontario has asked Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to join with the ... Buying local food supports  farmers and boosts jobs and economic activity across Ontario.

  June 2012: Randy Hillier cuts ties to landowner lobby 
 PERTH — Eastern Ontario MPP Randy Hillier has severed ties with the Ontario Landowners Association, the group he helped start, and which helped him get elected. The split occurred over Crown land patent grants. The landowners association insists that by paying $50 to the Ministry of Natural Resources to get a land patent grant, it guarantees property rights because it refers to the original property agreement and trumps later laws.

Old time farm equipment
Hillier doubts that but says he remains an advocate for property rights.

  • Hillier splits from property rights group

    by Mark Brownlee 12 Jul 2012 – Scientists stage mock funeral to protest cuts to research... Randy Hillier has severed ties with the Ontario Landowners Association
  • Irrigation
    Farmers Feed Cities


    Kay said...

    This has been such a terrible summer all over the mainland. I can just imagine the price hike in groceries in the next few months.

    DUTA said...

    This summer is a bad one everywhere in the world. There's heat, drought, rise in grocery prices, protests against the government demanding the MP-s to be leaders not politicians.

    We badly need some rain to cool off the earth and the people.

    Red said...

    Some people who take extreme points of view find that they readily disagree with one another.