Friday, 27 July 2012

We have a new gate from old cedar!

Many recognize this as Mohawk for No Trespassing,
but not all! We've had a couple of visitors a day on Sundays.
Thanks to entrepreneur, fence expert, Scott Dobson. He is creative and brilliant at what he does. He cleaned up, replaced or moved all dirt and leftover rocks, and ensured the site was beautiful. He built us our fence in October, 2010.

Scot only uses heritage cedar rails. He harvests it from near-by folks who are glad to have it reduced, reused and recycled!
I have done posts on the different styles of fencing (excuse the pun!) and a recent post on gates, as we debated styles, esthetics, and where to spend our pension dollars!

We have several different styles of fencing on our property. Only 30 years old, our home was inhabited by at least four excellent woodworking enthusiasts. I first became interested in fences during G8, when we travelled up to Huntsville to photograph the laughable fencing. At the time I thought it laudable, but then we realized that only the big guns would be coming up to Huntsville, no press. 

Bless his little heart, Tony Clement ensured that signage was clear in Muskoka for all the tourism and tourist dollars they would create.
This was before! Remote towns, where no one would visit, all had brilliant signage.
Afraid of protesters, they put up these monstrosities, which slowed down regular business in town, including healthcare workers, as well as all those who depend upon the shoulder seasons for income.
I had several press interviews, and journalists phoning for interviews on the impact of the G8 fences. My blog post hits soared to a 150 a day!

But, back to the present.
As my regular readers know, we've had people trespassing, driving up our 100m driveway for no apparent reason. It creeps me out!

These old rails have lichen and a weathered look

It is all a puzzle

Assistant Al, and Scott pose with the finished gate!


TexWisGirl said...

very nice and natural looking!

Linda said...

Very nice! I like the look - hope it keeps people out!

Red said...

Pretty sharp! Now try driving in my yard just to have a look.

cloudia charters said...

Bless him & you.

"Bless the re builders of the walls"

Aloha from Waikiki
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