Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ontario snakes - a video

It's hard to tell some apart. The Watersnakes and Ratsnakes darken with age. Babies have similar patterns.
Here is an interesting video-primer on snakes. There are 15 snake species in Ontario. 
Brock Hodgkinson created a terrific video in 2005.

  1. Eastern Fox Snake rattle their tails
  2. Northern Watersnakes pretend to rattle, too!
  3. Gray or Black Ratsnake 
  4. Milksnake
  5. Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
  6. Northern Ring Neck Snake
  7. Northern Red-bellied Snake - born live!
  8. Northern Brown Snake
  9. Eastern Garter Snake - can be black or yellow, or have some res
  10. Eastern Ribbon Snake
  11. Smooth Green Snake
  12. Eastern Hognose Snake - looks like a cobra when it flattens its hood, plays dead, too!
  13. Butler's Garter Snake
  14. Queen Snake
  15. Blue Racer - found only on Pelee Isl. in Lake Erie

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Anonymous said...

wow, that was so cool.I live in Sault Ste.Marie Ontario and I have to say I have only saw about four of those snakes in all my life! Very interesting!!!