Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Grampa helped plan a picnic at the beach

Happy girl!
Ontario Parks - a  back pack of beach fun - nothing better.
(A gift from Grampa!)
I took the day off today. We went to Murphys Point Park, to the beach.

Grampa went into town early and picked us up buns and lunch meat. Gramma made sandwiches.
There were surprises in the bag. Chocolate milk was a big treat!

We love visiting our provincial park.
Lots to see and do.
The park interpreters do a fine job, too.
Brock educates our young people!
Rusty Crayfish
-invasive species in ON
We learned about an invasive species, the Rusty Crayfish, from Brock, one of our student employees. Friends of Murphys Point Park receive government grants in Student Employment Opportunities. Most are entering university as biologists, or related fields. It is important that we nurture these young scientists. My daughter, M.Sc., is a hydrogeologist.

I always like to learn something new, being an avid science teacher (JK - Gr. 6) in my previous life, I realize how much there is to learn!

My girls!
The kids still talk about touching Nameless Ratsnake in the park Visitor Centre.
Isabelle (2) loves to pretend to find a snake, (a piece of black ribbon?) and pretend to be scared. But she remembers touching the snake, as does big sister, Josephine.

My daughter sent the photos to their Day Care provider, who doesn't like snakes! All it is - is education!

Meantime, back to our day:

The beaches are clean and well-groomed in our park. We had a grand time splashing. Nice, safe, buoys to keep the kids in close. However, Isabelle kept falling, and walking out deeper. "Me deep!"
Another happy girl!
This was the place to be today.

Picnic lunch!

Isabelle Coccinelle and a Beach bunny!

Isabelle's story: Grampa bought me some chocolate milk for our picnic at Murphys Point Park Beach. I couldn't put it down. I love my Grampa! He spoils me!


TexWisGirl said...

really sweet grand girls, jenn.

Red said...

Great fun you're having at the beach. We don't really picnic at the beach like we did.
Biology teacher??? I once went into a classroom to find every kid with a snake in their hands or arms! a zoo that specialized in school programs came out with enough snakes for the whole classroom and while the kids were playing with snakes the teaching went on.

Kay L. Davies said...

OH, fabulous, Jenn. The girls are growing so much, especially Isabelle. I love her smile.
And a day at the beach is so wonderful for a family.
Really enjoyed this.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So much fun! Grampa and Granmas girls are adorable.

Kay said...

Awww... this is just so sweet!