Thursday, 5 July 2012

Camping 101 - Sir John goes to Murphys Point Park Beach

First the car ride
Sir John gets around. He's been here and there. Today he went to Murphys Point Park. I rented a canoe at Murphys Point Park, surprised the kids. They have been camping for the week on an island.
Here are my blog posts:
Packing, unpacking, filtering watersetting up the tent, cooking lunch, beach time!

I've learned so much about camping, never having been. We cottaged July and August in Muskoka every year.

Next the canoe ride.
Like learning a new computer, it helps to have a pro or mentor there to give you pointers. Many of our Ontario parks have Learn To Camp programs. Two-day events to teach you the basics.

It was a delightful trip on Rideau Lake.
I interupted breakfast. That was OK. Caitlin and Isabelle shared some bacon with me!

Early morning, fisherman in the background.
We washed the dishes, examined the damage from the raccoons. (Two beer cans punctured- they loved them and put punctures in the water filtration bag. Note to self: put everything fragile in the tent!)

Everyone was going to the beach.
First up: get dressed, brush teeth, pack up lunch, assemble in the canoes.

 We surprised Jofee at her campsite. 

Making a moat

Zebra Mussels

Water and sand play - nothing better

Isabelle is so happy she did a headstand or 'Downward Dog', happy as a clam!
Mother/daughter moments

While we prepare for beach time,
the girls play by the water.
Caitlin took these photos with my camera.

All done for the day.
Push harder, Isabelle!
Bug watching
  I took Sir John home, but first we popped into the Visitor's Centre.
Au revoir!
After his big trip,
he checked out the Mica Display at the park
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Olga said...

Looks like a great time.
We used to go camping in wonderful, remote, and primitive spot but it has since been 'discovered' by campers who seem determined to turn it into a KOA campground. Fine if that's what you want, but why tear up a primitive campsite to do it?

Linda said...

So much fun! They kids look so happy!

Red said...

Great way to tell us about your outing.