Friday, 6 July 2012

Camping 101 - campsite & cooking tour

Camping 101 continues. Here is the scene for breakfast: pancake mix and bacon for brekkie.
The campsite, waterside, Caitlin makes breakfast.

Here is a wee chipmunk.

Breakfast under the tarp.

Raccoons liked the soy milk

Remember, whilst camping, that you are encroaching on animal territory. They live here all year, while you only visit. Store your food in containers.

Raccoon tracks on the beach blanket

Water filtration -
remember to bring it into the tent
at night!

Yummy pancakes, cooked in bacon grease!
The raccoons were terrible. They drank Jean-Luc's beer, puncturing the cans with their sharp little teeth, got silly and ate into the Soy Milk boxes, then punctured a hole in the water filtration bag.

Josephine, having been taught the finer points of videography, gave Sir John a tour of her island campsite. While I miss integrating curriculum and technology (My M.Ed. topic), I am happy to channel my energies into playing/working with the grandkids!

Jofee, 4-years-old, is learning to make videos. Here is a tour of her campsite.

I have found some YouTube videos, by blackraven1515, on preparing camp foods. She has lots of great ideas for the novice camper.

Preparing the dehydrated chili at Riviere-aux-Rats just south of Latuque Quebec, Canada More

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Lorac said...

The Racoons drank beer?? No kidding. Wonder if they get a hangover, silly beasts!