Saturday 16 June 2012

The twins hunt down an angel

This angel is a 'made in China' one, which we gave to Mom long ago. At the time it meant a lot, but I accidentally broke her wings off, and glued on some real turkey feathers. It is up high on the bathroom vanity. 
First Buster, the curtain climber, decided to check her out.
He hunts down the angel - what a boy!
He likes the feathers! Mmmm, turkey!

Spots himself in the facing mirror and gets distracted.
Behind him, Felix, who goes for distance not height,
decides to find out what was going on.
Felix was in the window minding his own business.
Buster decides the feathers might indicate food,
or a toy!
Felix still wonders if this is a good idea.

Buster wonders why I'm laughing.
Felix pretends to look away.
Camera Critters #219


DUTA said...

That's a funny little 'photo story' you've got here!

It happened to me too, to accidentally break ceramic. porcelain, or glass figurines.

I've always tried to glue the broken pieces. Lately, someone, superstitious, told me not to keep broken, unfunctional items in the house; so now I'm in a dilemma about two or three glued pieces.

Linda said...

What a cute adventuring pair! They are so curious, aren't they?

Red said...

Now you told me all that and the angel didn't fall on the floor and break into a bazillion pieces? I was waiting for the angel to fall.

Pat said...

What a couple of characters!

Anonymous said...

LOL - what rascals.